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What is sleep coaching?


Sleep Coaching is a method to treat sleep disorders fast and with long lasting effect. It was first presented in 2014 by Brigitte Holzinger und Gerhard Klösch in their publication (...) („Sleep Coaching/ Who wants to be awake, needs to sleep“) and has been further developed ever sinice. In 2018 their newest book was published (…) („Sleep Disorders: Psychological counselling and Sleep Coaching“).



This method builds upon the fundamental idea of Gestalt therapy, which considers the Self of humans as an interaction with the environment, the “field”, surrounding them. In this open frame of the Gestalt, sleep coaching includes four elements which uncover and treat the sleep disorder. Those four elements, which can unfold freely in the world of the Gestalt, are: sleep education and knowledge about sleep, sleep training with its roots in cognitive behavior therapy, relaxing techniques including hypnosis and meditation techniques, and dream work. The specific characteristic of the sleep coaching method is the rapid effectiveness, that helps really fast to increase the quality of sleep within people affected by sleep disorders and so relieves them from the negative psychological and physical effects of unhealthy sleep.


The method of sleep coaching has a lasting effect and thus provides on a long term a better quality of life. For people working in the field of medical health care, we would like to draw attention to the possibility to attend to the postgraduate program “sleep coaching” at the Medical University of Vienna. The program lasts 3 semesters and participants who successfully complete the program get a certificate from the University qualifying them as sleep coach.


More about the course: https://www.meduniwien.ac.at/hp/1/zk-sleepcoaching/

about us

The certified course graduates of the Medical University Vienna are authorized and qualified to offer consultancy on the subject of sleep as well as providing information and assistance with the planning and execution of drug-free or psychological treatments of sleep disorders (e.g. sleep education, elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, counselling techniques, coping with nightmares).

Important principles of psychology as well as the pathology of sleep are being taught.


This three semester postgraduate course for „Sleep Coaching“ at the Medical University of Vienna is completed with a certificate and graduates are qualified as a sleep coach. The training helps to recognise and successfully treat problems with sleep in all its facets. In order to represent and coordinate sleep coaches the World Sleep Coaching Society (WSCS) was founded.


More information about the individual sleep coaches can be found under „academic sleep coaches“ in the main menu. We are looking forward to accompany you. You are welcome to contact each individual coach directly or for information from the association´s committee call 0699/101 99 042 (Dr. Brigitte Holzinger).
Restfull sleep is an important basis for many physical, cognitive and emotional processes. Not getting enough sleep on an ongoing basis, or constantly feeling sleepy during the day, affects health, performance and the overall well-being.

A detailed anamnesis is therefore essential to plan an individual treatment and to initiate a medical check if needed. The Sleep Coaching´s treatment approach, which is certified by the Medical University Vienna, is based on an anamnesis followed by an individual combination of:


sleep-educative content

behavior-therapeutic elements

relaxation methods



with a gestalt-therapeutic approach this combination helps to restore restful sleep. For further information we are happy to conduct an initial meeting. Sleep Coaching supports you on your way to a more restful sleep. This support is individually oriented. Already the first meeting can provide good insight into the world of sleep. Depending on the requirements the process runs from a single visit up to several subsequent meeting. You and your sleep are always at the centre.



What services offer sleepcoaches for those seeking support?


In an individual meeting we can discuss your personal situation around sleep in detail and so change your slepp step by step. In this process you will be provided with valuable knowledge about sleep in general. In order to find a way out of sleep disorder, you will receive suggestions to understand the symptoms of your body and to train your body perception.



Main areas of Sleep Coaching:

* Finding the reasons behind your problems with sleep

* Ways of dealing with what steals your sleep

Your approaches to the problem so far

Developing measures to change the problems with sleep




What services do we offer for sleepchoaches?



If you are a trained sleep coach, become a member of our association...

As a trained sleep coach you can become a member of our association and receive regular up-dates and information about current events and new coaching methods based on the latest scientific findings Additionally, if desired, we publish our member´s contact information through the sleep coach-finder on our homepage.

If you wish to become a member, please send an e-mail to: office@traum.ac.at



Requirements for membership: lecturers and graduates of the certified course of the Medical University Vienna, as well as specialists with proof of appropriate qualifications. Associate and sponsoring membership is possible for companies, facilities and institutions and private individuals.


Our bank details:

Bank Burgenland

IBAN:  AT03 5100 0820 1302 1200


Full members: 80.- € /p.a.

Associate members: 100.- €

Sponsoring members: by agreement



our sleep coach

Gerhard Klösch MPH

Course director of the MED Uniuni certified course Sleep Coaching and co-founder of Sleep Coaching

Active in: Vienna, Lower Austria and Carinthia


Contact details: gerhard.kloesch@meduniwien.ac.at


Subject-specific areas:

Basic research on sleep and dreams, particularly of disturbances of circadian patterns and environmental influences, sleep and cultural influences, Vigilance research, Fatigue Risk Management



Schlafstörungen: Psychologische Beratung und Schlafcoaching (Psychotherapie: Praxis)  vom 26. Jänner 2018 

Schlafcoaching: Wer wach sein will, muss schlafen (Goldegg Leben und Gesundheit) vom 26. November 2013

Aufgedeckt: Wie Paare miteinander schlafen vom 9. November 2009

Ein Bett für zwei. Unsere Schlafgewohnheiten neu erforscht vom 7. Februar 2007


Member of:

Austrian Society for Sleep Medicine

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Schlafmedizin und Schlafforschung (ÖGSM-ASRA)

Fachvereinigung der Assistenten für neurophysiologische Diagnostik Österreichs (FAEDOE)

European Sleep Research Society (ESRS)

Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD)

Society on Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR)

Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH)

John Snow Society Word Association for Sleep Medicine (WASM)

Dr. Brigitte Holzinger

Course director of the MEDuni certified course Sleep Coaching (www.meduniwien.ac.at/zk-schlafcoaching) and founder of Sleep Coaching

Active in: Vienna and Lower Austria

Contact details: office@traum.ac.at, Tel.: +43 699/101 99 042


Subject-specific areas:

Sleep disorders in adults, adolescents and children; somnologist and psychotherapy trainer at IGWien, dream work, coping with nightmares, lucid dreaming

psychology, hypnosis and relaxation methods

founder of the institute of consciousness and dream research



Schlafstörungen: Psychologische Beratung und Schlafcoaching (Psychotherapie: Praxis) vom 26. Jänner 2018

Anleitung zum Träumen. Träume kreativ nutzen. (Klett-Cotta Leben!) vom 1. August 2007

Albträume: Was sie uns sagen und wie wir sie verändern können vom 25. September 2013

Schlafcoaching: Wer wach sein will, muss schlafen (Goldegg Leben und Gesundheit) vom 26. November 2013

Der luzide Traum: Phänomenologie und Physiologie vom 1. Januar 1997, 3. Auflage 2014

Founding- and board member of the Austrian Society for Sleep Medicine

Member of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Högl

We are particularly pleased that Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit Högl will be part of the World Sleep Coaching Society. Dr. Högl is head of the sleep laboratory and the special outpatient clinic for sleeping disorders at the University Hospital Innsbruck. She is specialist in neurology, certified somnologist and the president designate of the World Sleep Society (WSS, www.worldsleepsociety.org), from autumn 2019, president of European RLS Study Group (www.eurlssg.org) and war repeatedly president of the Austrian Sleep Research Association (ASRA, www.schlafmedizin.at).


Dr. Högl is the author of more than 250 publications in internationally high ranking peer reviewed journals, of more then 40 book chapters (mostly in international specialist books and encyclopaedias) and co-editor of three English specialist books: Rapid-Eye-Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder“ together with Carlos Schenck and Aleks Videnovic (Springer 2018), "Disorders of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Parkinson Disease", together with A Videnovic (Springer 2015) and "Sleep Medicine", together with Harry Smith and Cindy Comellya (Cambridge University Press 2008).


We are very pleased that Dr. Högl will support us with her comprehensive knowledge. And at this point, we would like to thank her for her tireless efforts to give the sleep coaches during their qualification an understanding of the field of neurology and sleep.

board and referents

Your sleep coach: Mag. (FH) Astrid Steindl

Active in: Lower Austria, Vienna


Subject-specific areas:

Sleep coaching in babies, toddlers, children and adolescents

Prevention of sleep disorders in babies


contact details: astrid.steindl@kinderarztpraxis-schumanngasse.at , +43 676/526 35 62

Your sleep coach: Dr. phil. Ev Wieser

Active in: Tyrol, Innsbruck


Subject-specific areas:

Sleep disorders in Tinnitus Patients, Psychology and Relaxation Methods


Contact details: ev.wieser@tirol-kliniken.at 

Academically certified sleep coach


Solid training and ability to empathize – so that the way out of the sleep disorder can be found together step by step.

Your sleep coach: Dr. Elke Doppler-Wagner

Active in: Vienna, Lower Austria


Subject-specific areas:

Sleep problems and sleep disorders in adults and adolescent, Sleep coaching for children, babies & parents. 

Stress and conflict management, relaxation training, private and corporate health promotion.
Lectures, workshops, individual coaching, Online-lectures/workshops/individual coaching


contact details: email@edw.info; +43 676/9303779; www.edw.info

Your sleep coach: Mag. Renate Moser

Active in: Carinthia


Subject-specific areas:

Sleep disorder under stress resp. under specific mental strains

lecturing in terms of prevention of sleep disorders in companies and schools


contact details: +43 650/535 63 20,  renate.moser@aon.at

Your sleep coach: Mag. Manfred Litscher

Active in: Vienna


Subject-specific areas:



contact details: Manfredlitscher@gmx.net

At the moment there are only german events available. Have a look under the german menu EVENTS.



new events

Webinar: Schlaf und Schlafstörungen bei Kindern


am 7.5.2021  von 14.00 bis 20:00 Uhr und 8.5.2021 von 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr


Gesprächspartner und Vortragende:

Schlafcoaching: Dr. Brigitte Holzinger und Gerhard Klösch, MPH

Schlaf und Schlafberatung aus medizinischer Sicht: Dr. Werner Sauseng

Babyschlaf: Mag. (FH) Astrid Steindl


Anmeldung und Fragen: Dr. Brigitte Holzinger: office@schlafcaoching.org oder +43 699 101 99 042



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Sleep Coaching is a method to treat sleep disorders fast and

with long lasting effect. 









phone: +43 699/101 99 042



adress:  Canongasse 13a, A-1080 Wien



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